Pro Account

Advantages of Our Pro Account

  Trading on the lowest spread possible
  No minimum deposit
  High leverage up to 1:1000
  Minimize trading costs through a spread-commission pricing model
  Scalping and news trading allowed -- no restrictions


How to Calculate Commissions

The commissions charged on our Pro account are $15 per million per side (open and close). Thus, commissions are $3.00 per $100,000 volume round turn.


For accounts denominated in Euros, any EUR-based pair costs exactly 3.00 EUR per lot.

Trading Conditions

Spread From 0 pips Order Execution Market
Account Currency USD / EUR Trading Instruments
Available Leverage 1:1000 Maximum Trades None
Minimum deposit None Maximum deposit None
Spread From 0 pips Commission $15 per million
Spread Type Variable Stop Out 40%
Minimum Trade Size 0.01 Standard Lots Minimum Step 0.01 Lots
Maximum Trade Size 500 Standard Lots Trading Hours

Available Leverage

Leverage Availability
1:1000 Up to $5,000
1:500 Up to $50,000
1:400 Up to $60,000
1:300 Up to $70,000
1:200 Up to $80,000
1:150 Up to $100,000
1:100 Unlimited

Note: Leverage is limited to a maximum of 1:200 just prior to high impact news releases for new positions. Leverage will also be limited to 1:200 during periods of extreme market volatility. Already-opened positions are not affected -- only new Buy and Sell orders sent for execution just prior and during to news releases and these extremely volatile conditions.

All Limit and Stop orders that are triggered during a news release are affected by this limitation. These pending orders will only result in the opening of a new position if margin requirements under the reduced leverage are met, otherwise they will be cancelled by the system due to a lack of sufficient margin for execution. Note that any deposit bonuses are excluded from this margin calculation. This is to protect clients and help prevent accounts from attaining negative balances and large losses during moments of high volatility.